Care and Maintenance Once window tint has been installed, it is very common to see a slight haziness and/or small water pockets.  This is a normal part of the adhesive bonding process called "curing".  Depending on the film type and weather conditions, your new window tint will take about 3 to 5 days to fully dry, sometimes longer, depending on film brand, type, and weather conditions.  Do not roll your tinted windows down until dry! Once the film is dry and cured, it is then safe for the tint to be cleaned.  The best cleaner is a simple solution of water and a small amount of soap or alcohol based glass cleaner.  Window tint should be cleaned with a soft clean cloth.  Do not use any abrasive cleaners, industrial strength glass cleaners and/or any other window cleaning tools that may scratch the window film.  Remember, the surface of the film is coated with a scratch resistant, not scratch proof coating. Answers to Commonly Asked Questions o We work by appointments only. o Window tint installation time typically ranges from one to three hours. o After tinting your windows you will not be able to roll down your windows for 3-5 days. o California law states that your front windows cannot be darker than 70%. o From the rear doors to the back glass, the tint may be as dark as you like. o The tint is applied on the inside of the window. Lifetime Warranty VS Lifetime Color Stable Warranty If you plan on getting a professional tint install, you will want to make sure the warranty is just as good.  In the window tinting world, there are different tints with different warranties.  To keep this simple, if you want a product that is going to last and not turn purple (or any other color for that matter), you must ask for a Lifetime Warranty that covers the color of the window tint.  Non-color stable products are a low-end product; the glue is guaranteed but not the color.  In other words, non-color stable products will be lifetime guaranteed to stay on you vehicle, while looking horrible.  Our shop chooses to offer only the best.  Our films cost more, but they are backed by one of the most comprehensive manufacture lifetime color stable warranties available.
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